Antique mall & Flea Market

  • Open 66 Emporium with 5,000 square feet of indoor retail space with more than 100 booths available for rent.
  • Offer additional space for small and large consignment items for a 20% commission.
  • Hold monthly auctions open to the public.
  • Plan fun events such as Ladies Night, trunk shows, DIY workshops, etc.
  • Offer outdoor spaces available for rent during the weekend.

  • Gradually expand 66 Emporium into the 100,000 square feet of warehouse that is available.
  • Open a bar and grill.
  • Develop an outdoor farmers market.
  • Use the parking lot and back lot for outdoor events such as swap meets and garage sales.

Who are we?

  • The largest antique mall and flea market on Historic Route 66 in Kansas.
  • 66 Emporium is open seven days a week.
  • Friendly and trustworthy employees manage the shop.
  • Dedicated marketing team manages the website, social media advertising, etc.
  • Security system monitored by ADT, plus cameras.
  • Indoor climate-controlled environment.
  • Electricity is available in select booths.
  • Vendors are not charged a commission on booth sales.
  • 66 Emporium is a subsidiary of Native2Native Solutions, a tribally owned holding company of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma.  

About Us